Healthy Living Struggles

While I’ve been busy the past few months that I’ve been M.I.A. I think deep down I know that is only half of the truth why I didn’t find time to blog. I think when faced with reality part of the reason was because I’ve been so unmotivated when it came to fitness and healthy living this past year. I think I tried to hide it and continue to make myself do something when the desire just wasn’t there.

I trained nearly the whole year for the races I ran and tried to stay active on my non-run days. Every single time I worked out it was a struggle to get my butt out of the door. I found myself not even having a second thought when I found some excuse to not work out. It became second nature that for a long time I think I pretended it wasn’t happening.

Part of the reason I think I struggled this year with working out is because I got bored. I feel like I was continuously training for something and didn’t have the freedom to do other things I may have wanted to. Additionally, I think not seeing the results I was hoping for didn’t help either. I still have some pounds I’d like to lose and I feel like I’ve been stuck at the weight I am now for nearly 2 years. I’ve visited my doctor, tried to change things up and nothing seems to be working. Both of those things combined were my motivations arch nemesis this year.
While I could try to blame every outside factor I know a lot of it comes down to my actions. Maybe it was a lack of motivation. Maybe I was being lazy. Maybe there were a lot of factors but I know there were small things I could have done differently that could have changed my outcome.
When I had a long day instead of making dinner I would opt to go out. When I was stressed or tired I decided to skip a workout instead of burning off that stress at the gym. I skipped the gym because I thought running was enough. Instead of taking the stairs I would hop on the escalator with a friend. When people brought treats to the office I would try them telling myself I was just being kind. There were so many little things that have added up to a big problem. Luckily I didn’t gain weight but it still doesn’t take away the sting that I held myself back from potentially making progress towards my end goal.

I’m confessing today to all of you because I want to get it off my chest and I want to also see how other people have broken out of similar ruts. I know some things I need to do in order to see the changes but I also think I could learn from others that have fought with the same struggles. So here goes nothing as I step into 2014 with a little more realistic view of what I need to change in order to see the results I want.



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    2014 HERE WE COMEEEE!!! It sounds like your mind set is on point. Now don’t beat yourself up if you’re not 100% perfect, but always think twice before doing something you KNOW you may regret later!!!

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      I’m trying not to beat myself up too much. I know as long as I have tomorrow there is always a new day to start fresh and make the improvements I want. :)

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