Slip and Injury

A word to the wise, water and marble flooring do not mix. I promise you will want to remember this advice after you hear my story about my recent injury that has left me with minimal mobility. - Sorry about your injury and that you haven't thought of a more badass backstory for it.

Last Thursday while in Seattle for work I was going about my morning business. Having just returned to my room from working out in the hotel gym I hopped in the shower. After showering I started to get ready (i.e. hair, make up, etc.). I was walking across the bathroom to grab a brush I think and didn’t see water that had leaked past the towel I placed on the floor outside of the shower.

Before I realized it I was slipping, hearing a pop and glancing down to my knee being not where it was supposed to be. Initially I think I was either freaking out or in shock as it took me a few seconds to calm down and figure out what to do.

I ended up pulling myself out of the bathroom to the front door to open it and call for help. My phone and the hotel phone were all the way across the big hotel room and there was no way I could pull myself there in my current state. After calling for help for nearly 5 minutes a cleaning woman walked by and dropped everything to come help me.

What felt like hours later, but was really a few minutes, 6 firefighters joined me. Did I mention I wasn’t wearing pants? The hotel staff gave me towels to cover my lower body. The firefighters were actually super nice and helped me calm down a bit. Before I knew it the EMT’s were taking me to the ambulance to go to the hospital. Does it make me a terribly vain person that I was thinking, “please don’t let me co-workers be in the lobby and see me”?

I got to the hospital only to be told that I had dislocated my patella. While I should have been relieved it didn’t seem I had broken anything I started to cry and freak out a bit more. I’ve seen enough dislocations in movies to know what was going to come next. To say I was terrified was an understatement as I was expecting unimaginable pain.

Lucky for me I had a great medical team in the ER and in all honesty I barely felt it when they popped it back into place. There was relief from pain and pressure after they did it. I was even able to bend it a bit when getting x-rays done. Don’t get me wrong it was still stiff and sore but having my knee back where it was supposed to be took some of the stress away. Looking down at a crooked knee is

So after my morning excitement I got to be pushed in airport in a wheel chair and priority boarding to be home that same night. Lucky for me I was brought to a hospital my friend worked at so she came to visit me and my brother is near Seattle. He came to pick me up, help me pack, get me lunch and take me to the airport. Of all the places to happen I’m glad it was somewhere I had some familiar faces and I wasn’t too far from home.

Since Thursday it’s been a lot of sitting around, ice, ibuprofen and catching up on every TV show imaginable.

Bruise after dislocation

Injured Knee

photo 4



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    Totally off topic from what you blogged about today – but I found your site from the california archive – and since I just moved here from Canada I thought I’d incorporate some “locals” to my blog-reading list lol. I like your site so I’ll definitely be back!! :)

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    So sorry about your injury! I have slipped on water like that on the tile in the bathroom before and luckily have never “gone down” or had an injury but I totally get how that happened! Hoping you mend quickly!

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      Thanks, I’m definitely on the mend and got pretty lucky. I’ve vowed to never have marble (or similar) in any bathroom in the future. We can’t be friends anymore. ;)

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    lisa says

    i want you to know that d. was totally panicked when you called, but managed to hold it together and calmly leave work. he was really scared, and i’m SO glad that you’re on the mend and didn’t have any broken bones!!!!


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