Election Day Recent Eats

I try to steer clear of two things you’re always told not to bring up in conversations – religion and politics. But I’m making an exception today. Today you should exercise your right to vote. I don’t care who or what you vote for as long as you get up and get to your polling place and VOTE! That’s it. Go vote.


Voting was the only exercise I got in today due to my bum foot. After all my dramatics the past few days I finally broke down and took some Ibuprofen and low and behold it helped so much. I don’t like taking unnecessary medication but gave in and listened to my mom. I think it was just a bad sprain and the Ibuprofen helped take down the inflammation. Today it felt SO much better.

I’m still not working out to make sure it’s 100% healed. I’m missing working out. I come home from work and find myself with too much time on my hands. So instead of doing constructive things like clean my house or organize my closet I’ve been a mad woman in the kitchen. Darren sure likes it. He’s getting more elaborate and tasty dishes to eat.

Look at some of the things I’ve whipped up.


How Sweet It Is – Healthy Sesame Chicken. This was SO GOOD and really easy to make. I opted for broccoli instead of green beans because I have a love affair with broccoli.  IMG_3460

Chocolate Covered Katie – Chocolate Fudge Pie. Not going to lie I was a little skeptical of pie with tofu in it. Man was I wrong. This was chocolaty and good! It was even boyfriend approved. He went back for a second slice which is unheard of. He despises tofu. I think we found a winner here folks.

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